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Our goal is to give moms the confidence to help their mixed children love their natural curls.

It starts by:

Making it easy to brush through their curls
Adding a dash of fun to their hair products
Keeping their curls moiturized all day

Just So Curly gives parents the ability to quickly detangle and easily style their kid's hair.
This is a one stop shop for moisturization, detangling, and styling. Get rid of the other products and save some counter space.
Are you ready to quickly detangle and style your kid's hair without having to use several products!
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This formula is specifically crafted to unlock kid's natural curls!
You will be able to have your kid's hair looking great in less than 15 mins without that oily feeling.
Easily help your kids love their natural curls and style it in less than 15 minutes.
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This was created with your child's well being mind. Just So Curly is plant based! It's made from flaxseed and other natural ingredients.
The Just So Curly team wants to make sure that your child's hair routine is something to look forward to.
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